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Battery sales, installation, and maintenance

Southland Battery Ltd is a leading supplier of batteries for cars, trucks, and any other vehicle. We have a great selection to choose from, along with an expert team on-call to handle installation, and to answer any questions you may have. With competitive pricing and excellent service, especially in emergencies, contact our battery shop in Southland and get your vehicle moving again. A solid, well-maintained battery will keep your car starting smoothly for years to come. Visit the experts and ensure your vehicle is as reliable as it should be. 
Mechanic working in a battery shop in Southland

Experienced professionals

Southland Battery Ltd's expert team are experienced with all aspects of car maintenance. We know which batteries are best suited to various makes and models, so can provide professional advice when you're choosing a battery. Speak to the team at our battery shop in Invercargill today.

Quick and reliable

When you're stranded a fast response is the first thing you're after. Our team of battery professionals will come to you immediately, and resolve the battery issue that is preventing your vehicle from starting. With expert workmanship, fantastic products, and a dedication to swift responses, our Southland-based team should be your number-one call in a battery emergency.

Environmentally conscious

Southland Battery Ltd's battery world is committed to sustainable, eco-friendly practices. We recycle your old batteries whenever possible, and responsibly dispose of those we cannot re-use. By doing our part for the environment, we're guaranteeing a brighter future for the next generation.
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